Fourth United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific - UCLG ASPAC regional congress

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific

Date: 02-05 Oct 2012

Location: Jakarta (Indonesia)

Venue: Hotel Borobudur Meeting Convention - Flores Ballroom

Languages: English

  • Description

  • The 4th Congress is the continuation of the 1st Congress in Daegu City, South Korea, the 2nd Congress in Pattaya, Thailand, and the 3rd Congress in Hamamatsu, Japan. The aim is to exchange views, ideas and information which will aid UCLG members in the Asia-Pacific region to conceive, build and create a network of resilient cities with the strenght to respond to the challenge of globalization.

    The main theme: Resilient cities: Rethink, Rebuild, Revitalize.