Protection of Venice and Byblos against maritime risks

Type: Training Course

Organizer(s): Consortium for Managing Research Activities in the Venice Lagoon

Date: 28-29 Jun 2011

Location: Byblos (Lebanon)

Languages: English

  • Description

  • The Workshop "Protection of Venice and Byblos against maritime risks" represents a successful example of a self-initiated city-to-city learning event.

    The UNISDR "Making Cities Resilient" campaign built a network of local governments and promotes exchanges between cities. Being part of the Campaign made possible for the Mayors of the cities of Byblos and Venice to meet and discuss about a common concerns: defending the cultural heritage of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Venice and Byblos) from floods and sea storms.

    The discussion, started informally during the Third Global Platform for DRR, brings to the organization of the Workshop that was held in Byblos.

    The presentation gave an overview of the environmental, geomorphic and historical venetian context and stressed on the frequent flooding problem, its causes and the measures taken to prevent disastrous floods to happen and to mitigate the consequences of less severe but more frequent floods. The risk governance was also described, highlighting how the local case of Venice is take into account at National and Regional level.

    The attendance of engineering expertise from both side (from Lebanese public sector and Italian private enterprise “Favero & Milan Ingegneria”) have made possible to discuss concretely about the solutions regarding Byblos’ harbor.

  • Target audience

  • A delegation of experts and practitioners from Venice and representatives of the Lebanese government and of the Municipality of Byblos participated at the event.