Training course in disaster risk reduction and sustainable local development 2012

Type: Training Course

Organizer(s): Delnet - Supporting Local Development ; International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization

Date: 30 Mar - 14 Dec 2012

Location: Turin (Italy)

Venue: ITC/ILO Turin Campus

Languages: English, Spanish

  • Description

  • Background

    The Delnet Training Course on Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Local Development of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC/ILO) was conceived within the framework of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR). The course is conceptualized in response to increasing concern about the magnitude of disasters and their impact on local communities worldwide.

    Objectives of the Course

    • Foster the adoption and implementation at the local level of adequate policies and actions that are sensitive to disaster risk reduction by promoting sustainable local development and strengthening participatory strategic planning.
    • Share and develop knowledge and practical tools that will make the management and reduction of risk an integral part of local development efforts.
    • Strengthen the capacity of key players to participate in reducing the potential impact of disasters on their territory.
    • Promote experience-sharing, cooperation and the stocktaking of best practices.
    • Promote the establishment of a global network of local disaster risk and development managers.
    • Raise the awareness of local players of the role of recovery in reducing disaster risk and vulnerabilities, while creating the socio-economic conditions for durable development.

    Course Contents

    • TRAINING UNIT 1 – Globalization, decentralization and local development processes facing the impact of disasters
    • TRAINING UNIT 2 – Disaster risk: origin, evaluation, reduction and prevention
    • TRAINING UNIT 3 – Strategic planning: a useful tool for risk reduction and sustainable local development
    • PRACTICAL GUIDE – Design of local development projects focusing on disaster risk
    • TRAINING UNIT 4 – Preparedness to cope with disasters on the territory
    • TRAINING UNIT 5 – Transforming post-disaster reconstruction into an opportunity for establishing the conditions for sustainable development

  • Target audience

  • Policy-makers and key players in local development management and disaster risk reduction. More specifically people, institutions, governmental and non governmental organizations of civil society and cooperation engaged in the theme of the course.