World urban forum 6 (WUF6)

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Headquarters

Date: 01-07 Sep 2012

Location: Naples (Italy)

Venue: Mostra d’ Oltremare Centre


  • Description

  • The theme of the Naples Forum, The Urban Future, was chosen to remind people all how fast the world is urbanizing. Already more than half the global population lives in towns and cities, and projections now show that cities will be home to two-thirds of humanity in little over a generation from now.

    This means people have to plan our cities better, ensure sound urban legislation and governance, improve basic service delivery and housing. At the same time, people have to save energy harder than ever before, conserve our environment, reduce pollution and tackle the urban dimension of climate change very seriously. Actions and resources for smarter, more liveable, less wasteful cities of the future need to be coordinated.

    The event will focus on the aspects of economy, equity and ecolioty of the urban future, including the following dialogues:

    • Dialogue 1 - Productive cities: urban job creation
    • Dialogue 2 - Livable cities and quality of life
    • Dialogue 3 - Urban planning: institutions and regulations
    • Dialogue 4 - Equity and prosperity of cities
    • Dialogue 5 - Culture and prosperity of cities
    • Dialogue 6 - Environment, urban mobility, and energy