Managing alpine future II - International conference 2011

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): alpS - Centre for Climate Change Adaptation

Date: 21-23 Nov 2011

Location: Innsbruck (Austria)

Venue: Congress Innsbruck

Languages: English

  • Description

  • During the three-day-event, current and future impacts of climate change in the highly sensitive mountain regions and their repercussions on ecological, demographic, socio-economic and cultural processes will be discussed.

    Managing Alpine Future II focuses on sustainable adaptation strategies and technologies for mountain regions and takes an intensive inter- and transdisciplinary perspective and aims at effective cooperation and exchange between stakeholders from science, economy, politics, administration and the private sector as well as non-governmental and international organizations.

    The conference will be organized in parallel sessions around seven core themes, which are: Climate Change, Natural Resources and Ecology, Tourism and Energy, Society and Culture, Ethics and Politics, Spatial Planning and Hydrology.

    Furthermore, the organizers are pleased to announce Paul Crutzen, Jack Ives and Mojib Latif as plenary speakers.


    - Climate Change: from paleo-climate to climate modelling
    - Natural Resources and Ecology: from alpine meadows to ecosystem services
    - Tourism and Energy: from mobility to snow-making
    - Society and Culture: from education to migration
    - Ethics and Politics: from consumer behaviour to multi-level governance
    - Spatial Planning: from hazard zoning to land use changes
    - Hydrology: from flood retention to integrated water resource management

    Special Event

    The launch of the “Making Cities Resilient” Campaign will be the highlight of the Tyrolean Night of the international conference “Managing Alpine Future II“.

    National Launch of the 2010-15 World Disaster Reduction Campaign: “Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready!“
    Monday, 21 November 2011, 19h