Resilient cities best practice exchange – measuring and monitoring workshop

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): United States Agency for International Development

Date: 18-19 Jan 2011

Location: Jakarta (Indonesia)


  • Description

  • The Facility in collaboration with ICLEI and other partners, will hold a two-day Workshop on Best Practices for Climate Resilient ASEAN Cities in Jakarta, Indonesia from January 18 -19, 2011. The objective of the workshop will be to exchange ASEAN best practices, lessons learned and experiences in responding to climate change and addressing its impacts. The inter-ASEAN workshop will also serve as a venue wherein various available tools for measuring and monitoring will be shared with ASEAN cities, while providing a platform for these cities to showcase their initiatives in adaptation and mitigation. This exchange will also help identify which of the many internationally recognized tools could be appropriate to ASEAN cities’ needs.