International day for disaster reduction - Makassar, Indonesia

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): Urban Poor Consortium

Date: 13 Oct 2010

Location: Losari Beach, Makassar (Indonesia)


  • Description

  • The International day for disaster reduction campaign is celebrated yearly each October 13. It is of the one ways for civil society in Indonesia to increase public awareness on the potential impact of climate change and urban development disparities.

    This campaign is intended to highlight the serious involvement of the Indonesian government in anticipating disasters and making cities safer and resilient. UPC, UPLINK Indonesia, KPRM, SIAGA (means ALERT) - Makassar Community Alliance for Disaster Response - a multi-stakeholder partnership that consists of community organizations, nature-lovers, volunteers, Indonesian Red Cross, are part of the awareness campaign, stressing the importance of the city governments' roles in anticipating disasters and social vulnerability.

    SIAGA activities will commence 13 October 2010 at 08:00 at Losari beach, the agenda is as follows:

    1. 08:00-10:00: 200 people join long march open by Makassar Mayor.
    2. 10:00–12:00: pin distribution (My city is Getting ready) and sticker campaign (adapted from the 10 essential check-list for making cities resilient) in 10 strategic spots in Makassar, 15 appeals to disaster risk reduction,
    3. 12:30-14:00: 40 people attending a talk show in Fajar TV. Main theme of the talk show is disaster risk reduction in urban areas to respond to climate change and development impacts. Di TV ini tema difokuskan pd pengurangan resiko bencana perkotaan menghadapi perubahan
    4. 15:30-17:45: talk show Merkurius FM radio with the main theme being the solidarity of SIAGA (alert community) to victims of landslide in Wasior (Papua, Indonesia). Donations for the victims of landslide in Wasior are welcome.