PREViRISQ: the European meeting place for flood mitigation methods & stustainble urban development

Type: Meeting or Conference

Date: 20-21 Sep 2010

Location: Paris (France)

Languages: French, English

  • Description

  • Background

    Paris conference on flood resilient cities

    Paris and suburbs have not experienced major flooding in the recent past. The last ones occurred in 1910, 124 and 1955. However, for this time urbanization grew on and under the floor of the flood prone area of the river Seine and Marne (buildings, houses, infrastructures, networks, etc.). Nowadays, 90% of the flood plain is urbanized in the metropolis of Paris, including the City of Paris and the 3 surrounding departments: the VAl the Marne, the Seine-Saint-Denis and the hauts de Seine.

    The main lead of the conferences wil be to share and discuss the strategies developed by terrotories and European metropolises to manage flood ris: protection, prevention, forecast or resiliency.

    Tuesday 21th will be an international conference, as part of the Flood Resilient City project, with several high level politicians, aiming to address how European metropolises develop or revitalize their urban areas to be more flood resilient.