UCLG 3rd congress: 2010 local and regional leaders world summit / 3er Congreso de la CGLU: Reunión mundial de líderes locales y regionales / 3e Congrès CGLU: Sommet mondial des dirigeants locaux et régionaux

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): United Cities and Local Governments

Date: 16-20 Nov 2010

Location: Mexico City (Mexico)


  • Description

  • What

    The UCLG Congress – The Local and Regional Leaders World Summit - is organised every 3 years and it brings together over 3000 local and regional elected representatives and practitioners from around the world.


    The 2010 UCLG World Congress will take place in Mexico City in 2010. Mexico celebrates both the 200th anniversary of its Independence and 100th anniversary of its Revolution.


    The cities and regions, including their inhabitants, that UCLG works for, are being faced with stark challenges from global phenomena and events that demand individual and collective action from local authorities, such as: climate change, shared sustainable development, financial crises, dialogue between cultures.

    The UCLG World Congress will build on the networking capacity of the membership and on the strong partnerships developed with the international institutions to become the place where the international agenda of local authorities is defined.


    The Congress will be organized in plenary sessions, parallel sessions and partner-events. These will be complemented by an Expo which would be organized in Dr. Mora Street, Alameda Central and would be open to the public.

    The Making Cities Reslient: 'My city is getting ready' world disaster reduction campaign will also be presented.

    In Spanish:

    Son algunos de los desafíos internacionales de los gobiernos locales
    * Hacer frente a las crisis mundiales con sus impactos locales
    * Contribuir a una gobernabilidad mundial más eficiente
    * Pensar las ciudades del 2030
     Son temas que se debatirán en ciudad de México

  • Target audience

  • The Local and Regional Leaders World Summit, which will bring together mayors, presidents of regions, local elected officials and their partners, will be an unprecedented occasion for exchange and debate on the role of local governments in development and in the efforts for greater between citizens and also between cities and regions.