The third knowledge cities world summit (KCWS) 2010

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): Office of Knowledge Capital

Date: 16-19 Nov 2010

Location: Melbourne (Australia)

Languages: English

  • Description

  • The Office of Knowledge Capital is pleased to announce that the City of Melbourne has won the bid to host the Knowledge Cities World Summit in 2010.

    The Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS) 2010 is the leading annual event in the research and management of knowledge cities, knowledge societies, knowledge-based development and knowledge ecology.

    The third KCWS in Melbourne, Australia (2010) will feature several conversation formats aiming at facilitating knowledge exchange and socialisation amongst summit participants. These include academics, researchers, students, practitioners, managers, decision and policy makers of (non-)government organisations, technology solutions developers, innovators, and urban planners and developers.
    Summit themes:

    * Knowledge-based (urban) development
    * Knowledge-based economy and value generation
    * Knowledge cities, regions and societies
    * Knowledge cluster, enterprise and organisations
    * Knowledge-intensive service activities
    * Knowledge assets and capital systems
    * Knowledge workers and creative class
    * Creativity, innovation and learning communities
    * Sustainable (urban) development
    * Others topics relevant to the main theme of the Summit but not included in the above will also be considered.