15th Commemoration the Great-Hanshin Awaji Earthquake

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): Hyogo Prefectural Government

Date: 17 Jan 2010

Location: Kobe (Japan)


  • Description

  • A Memorial event held in Kobe and its vicinity in Hyogo Prefecture to pay tribute to the 6,434 people who died in the great earthquake.

    The Kobe Luminarie, a small city of Christmas lights, is set up in the middle of Kobe City, as well as near Shin-Kobe Station every December in commemoration of the earthquake. Large "1.17" digits are illuminated at Higashi Yuenchi Park next to Kobe City Hall on January 17 of each year.

    Outside Japan, the earthquake is commonly known as the Kobe earthquake. In Japan, it is often called the Great Hanshin Earthquake (after the region between Osaka and Kobe) or the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (the name used in official government documents). In the scientific literature it is often called the 1995 Southern Hyōgo Prefecture Earthquake, the name chosen by the Japan Meteorological Agency in the week after the main shock.