Local Government Profile

Torres Vedras, Portugal  
Torres Vedras
407 km2
Hazard Types
Earthquake, Flood, Land Slide, Storm Surge, Wild Fire
Name of Mayor
Carlos Miguel
  • "Joining the Making Cities Resilient Campaign, more than a commitment, is a duty. The Municipality of Torres Vedras undertakes the development of several actions to reduce disaster risk and promote the adoption of other measures, attitudes and behaviors that contribute to reducing their impact should they occur. The involvement of civil society in this task is essential therefore, with this target in mind we joined the campaign. Only in this way Torres Vedras will be more resilient. " Carlos Miguel

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • The major disaster risks present in the municipality are floods, landslides, urban and industrial fires, forest fires, windstorms and road accidents.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • At prevention activities, the Municipal Service of Civil Protection is responsible for promoting a series of actions to reduce the risk of floods, landslides, forest fires, and other major risks.

    Within the planning activities, the municipality of Torres Vedras has the Municipal Emergency Plan, various Prior Intervention Plan´s and the Municipal Plan of Forest Protection.

    In order to complement other planning and prevention actions, several awareness campaigns are developed annually and training exercises directed to public and based on the major risks that exist in the county.

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