Local Government Profile

Bonn, Germany  
RoleModel Bonn
141.22 km²
Hazard Types
Storm Surge, Flood, Earthquake
Name of Mayor
Jurgen Nimptsch
  • "We have seen in the last few years that developed countries are stricken as much as developing countries. Becoming a part of the ‘Making Cities Resilient’ Campaign is beneficial in order to mutually showcase our achievements and to share experiences with each other." Jurgen Nimptsch

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • Located about 25 km South of Cologne on the Rhine River, the City of Bonn is the headquarters for several United Nations organizations and 150 Non Governmental Organizations, working towards sustainable development worldwide.

    As a platform for the international dialogue on global challenges, the city has hosted two Early Warning Conferences. The UN Campus is seat to the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Platform for the Promotion of Early Warning (UNISDR-PPEW). The platform, which started operations in 2004, develops early warning and preparedness systems for disasters.

    While Bonn has a high standard of environmental quality, particularly in the areas of air purity, water, nature and climate protection, it continues to face threads of regular flooding.

    In 1993, 1995 and 2003, the banks of the Rhine exceeded the city’s 10-metre water level, causing millions of dollars in damage.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • In Germany, combating floods is organized on a local, decentralized basis. The fire departments coordinate the activities to combat such disasters. The City of Bonn, with regional financial assistance, has invested large funds into flood prevention facilities, including the reinforcement of the Rhine’s embankments.

    Bonn is also part of the Flood Emergency Community Rhine, an inter-regional network of cities, local authorities and grass root initiatives along the Rhine, as well as the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR). On a global scale, Bonn is fostering project partnerships and experience exchange with cities worldwide. An example is La Paz (Bolivia), where a joint EW-project has taken place between 2006 and 2009.

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