Local Government Profile

Casarza Ligure, Italy  
Casarza Ligure
Hazard Types
Cold Wave, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic & Pandemic, Flood, Heat Wave, Insect Infestation, Land Slide, NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Storm Surge, Technical Disaster, Wild Fire
Name of Mayor
Sig. Claudio Muzio
  • "Investments spent today for the prevention of natural hazards and man-made, are money and time well spent for the future of our children." Sig. Claudio Muzio

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • The greatest risk to the Municipality of Casarza Ligure is a risk flood and landslide risk. Then comes the fire risk and seismic risk. During the twentieth century there were nine floods that caused extensive damage especially to infrastructure (bridges, roads, water and sewage services) as well as flooding and destruction of homes and industrial areas. The last flood occurred in the autumn of 1982.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • Study of the risks of the municipal area;
    Communication to the public of the risks present and delel self-protection measures to be taken as a result of various risks present in the areas where they live or where they work or where they study.

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