Local Government Profile

Tursi, Italy  
156 kms (square kilometers)
Name of Mayor
Avv. Giuseppe Labriola
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • Essential 1 – Risk reducing organization and coordination in place Status - 2
    Progress and achievements – The COC (City Operative Center) for managing emergencies is under definition

    Essential 2 – Budget assigned Status - 3
    Progress and achievements – Several private and public buidings have been restructured according to seismic
    regulation through funding made available by the National Government
    Plans – Additional 300.000 euros will be made available for seismic reconstrction

    Essential 3 – Risk assessment prepared Status - 1
    Progress and achievements – A City Emergency Plan is under consideration
    Plans –

    Essential 4 – Investment in risk reducing infrastructure Status - 2
    Progress and achievements – Remediation projects to reduce the hydrogeological risk have been prepared and
    are under approval by Regional Authorities.
    Plans – 700.000 euros will be invested in remediation projects

    Essential 5 – Safe schools and health facilities Status - 2
    Progress and achievements – Seismic vlnerability studeis have been completed for four school buildings
    (elementary, middle school and two preschools).
    Plans –

    Essential 6 – Risk-compliant building regulation and land use applied Status - Please select
    Progress and achievements –
    Plans –

    Essential 7 – Education programmes and training in place Status - 2
    Progress and achievements – The Association of Civil Defence Gruppo Lucano has recently organized several
    presentations on seismic risk to the students of preschool, elementary and middle school
    Plans –

    Essential 8 – Ecosystems and natural buffers protected Status - Please select
    Progress and achievements – N/A
    Plans – N/A

    Essential 9 – Early warning systems installed Status - 2
    Progress and achievements – Forestfire monitoring during the summer period is provided by forestry workers
    of APEA and "ex Comunità Montana" and by the "Tursi Gruppo Lucano" volunteers. In addition the City
    Administration receives early warning information from the "Prefettura" and from the Regional Civil Protection

    Essential 10 – Needs-based (survivors) reconstruction Status - 2
    Progress and achievements – As a consequence of the 1980 earthquake, priority in seismic reconstruction has
    been allocated to private buildings

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