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Bangkok, Thailand  
RoleModel Bangkok
Hazard Types
Name of Mayor
M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, Governor
  • M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, Governor

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • In implementing the flood protection and mitigation, BMA set up Flood Control Center as a flood
    protection information center of which main networking station is located on the 6th floor of Department of
    Drainage and Sewerage, BMA Office 2 in Din Daeng district and other 75 sub-stations are installed at pump
    stations and water gates across Bangkok, on the east and west sides of Chao Praya river.
    Flood Control Center (FCC) which supervises the hydrological conditions linking directly with the radar
    of Meteorology Department and of BMA. FCC has been serving as a decision making tools for DDS flood
    protection teams for accurate and immediate directive to solve flood problems effectively.
    Monitoring stations monitor real time data of rainfall, water levels, pumps operation, water gates
    operation and water quality were installed and later were increased into 75 stations. In addition to this, the
    department is now implementing a flood forecasting program aiming at forecasting rainfall intensity and flood
    forecasting in 650 km2 of the east bank area which will enable BMA staffs to forecasting flood condition 3-6
    hours in advance.
    Moreover, FCC serves people with the flood forecasting news and the flood protection and solution. We
    use several communication tools in informing people and communities such as radio broadcasting, traffic
    billboards and BMA’s website.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • Flood
    Due to rapid urbanization of Bangkok, waterbody such as ponds, wells, canals, and ditches were filled up and replaced
    by buildings and other structures. This often caused flooding and became a severe problem accordingly. The major
    flooding in Bangkok in the past were in the years 1942, 1975, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1995, and 1996. Flooding in the year
    1983 was considered the most severe and caused great damage which cost around 6,600 million baht
    The causes of flood are as follows:
    - Heavy rainfall in short period of time results in inability to immediately drain water from roads, lanes and
    houses causing temporary flooding.
    - Run-off from the northern and eastern parts flowing through Bangkok due to the slope of ground level. This
    mostly causes flooding problem in the eastern part of Bangkok
    - Excessive run-off from the North and Chao Phraya River Basin flowing through Bangkok to the sea causing
    overflow and flooding in the area.
    - The effect of high tide from the sea which occurred in the same time of excessive run-off from the North
    through Bangkok causing high water level in Chao Phraya river.
    - Land subsidence due to pumping of large amount of underground water which makes the area subside to the
    level lower than mean sea level causing difficulty in draining of inundation.
    - Insufficient drainage system

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