Local Government Profile

Eravur, Sri Lanka  
RoleModel Eravur
4 sq.km
Hazard Types
Flood, Cyclone
Name of Mayor
Mr. Seyed Ali Zahir Moulana
  • Mr. Seyed Ali Zahir Moulana

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • To be compeleted

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • The main disaster in the area is floods.
    – Risk reducing organization and coordination in place:
    Progress and achievements – Dredging & cleaning up of clogged drainage systems

    Plans - Continue with the people centered coordination mechanism and involvement of them in decision
    making, project implementation and monitoring process. Plan to have a network with neibouring urban and
    Pradeshiya Sabha's to jointly work on Disaster Risk Reduction activites.
    – Budget assigned:Progress and achievements – Emergency budget assigned by Urban Council

    Plans – Develop an intergrated drainage system & reduce flooding
    – Risk assessment prepared:
    Progress and achievements
    Plans - To finalise the flood maps and display at the city hall in a larger format. This would enable the citizens,
    developers and other relevant stakeholders to use for their own planning and development purposes. The risk
    assessment will be used to identify structural and non structural mitigation activities and for allocation of
    funds for implementation of the priortised activites by city or central governemt or with the assistance of
    external donor funds. The developed risk maps will be update periodically.

    – Investment in risk reducing infrastructure:
    Progress and achievements – By 2012 we intend to spend almost Rs. 30 million through NELSIP Project

    Plans – Implementation of selected structural mitigation activities on availability of funds. Some of the
    proposed structural mitigation are already included in the 2011 proposed city budget and balance funds
    requested from the national budget through the Disaster Management Center

    – Safe schools and health facilities:
    Progress and achievements – Dengue prevention and awareness programs initiated

    Plans - In Sri Lanka administration of schools not a mandate of local authorities. However, Eravur urban council
    plans to organize more awareness programs on disaster risk reduction activities in collaboration with the
    Ministry of Education and the Batticaloa District Disaster Management Coordinating unit.

    – Risk-compliant building regulation and land use applied Status - 2
    Progress and achievements
    Plans – Future constructions to conform to allowance of proper drainage facility and prevent obstructions of
    natural waterways & marshlands.

    – Education programmes and training in place:
    Progress and achievements – Implementation of awareness programmes within the community

    Plans - Continuation of training programmes

    – Ecosystems and natural buffers protected:
    Progress and achievements – Creating an awareness of the importance of mangroves and other natural eco
    systems and their preservation to avoid destruction.Plans - To work closely with Coast Conservation Department and preservation of natural areas in Eravur.
    – Early warning systems installed:
    Progress and achievements – DEWN system installed after the 2004 tsunami

    Plans - City plans to have a community
    – Needs-based (survivors) reconstruction:
    Plans – Planned to implement the reconstruction activities according to the reconstruction guidelines which
    incorporated the disaster risk reduction measures.

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