Local Government Profile

District of Oak Bay, North Vancouver, Canada  
RoleModel District of Oak Bay, North Vancouver
10.38 km²
45,103 USD/Capita
Hazard Types
Cold Wave, Earthquake, Epidemic & Pandemic, Tsunami
Name of Mayor
Christopher Causton
  • Christopher Causton

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • The District of Oak Bay rests within a zone of medium to high amplification of ground motion hazard
    if an earthquake were to hit the area. Several key buildings including the municipal hall; police, fire,
    Monterey Recreation Centre and public works yard are located within this zone. Most of these
    buildings are lacking the reinforcement required to sustain the impact of an earthquake.

    Additionally, the demographic makeup of the community shows an aging population which is at-risk
    sector in disaster and emergency situations. Many of these residents reside in older homes which
    may not meet the seismic upgrades requirements to withstand even a moderate earthquake.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • To see the progress of the District of Oak Bay on meeting the Ten Essential, you can learn more about their initiative on each essential in the documentations attached.

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