Local Government Profile

Patong, Thailand  
RoleModel Patong
Hazard Types
Drought, Flood, Storm Surge, Tsunami, Wild Fire
Name of Mayor
Pian Keesin
  • Pian Keesin

  • Hazard and vulnerability profile

  • Major Disaster Risk

    - Flood and mudslide : High risk

    - Tsunami : Medium risk

    - Fire : Medium risk

    - Drought : Slight risk

    - Windstorm : Slight risk

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

  • - Put the buoys into the sea to
    notify people and tourist the
    dangerous zone.

    - Conduct Road Safety Project
    that mainly concerns the
    Prevention and Reduction of road
    accident during the festivals.

    - Conduct the training project for
    the volunteer in emergency and

    - Organize emergency
    preparedness training and
    providing assistance for the
    mudslide victims

    - Organize Tsnami evacuation
    plan drills.- Instruct people in the use of fire
    extinguishers and other
    emergency equipment.

    - Distribute laflets and brochures
    in the aim to advocate people
    about disasters.

    - Promote and encourage people
    of the sanitation- Renovate and retrofit the
    damaged building.

    - Prepare the temporary shelters
    for the victims

    - Contribute fund to the victims in

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