Local Government Profile
Town of View Royal - Canada
Graham Hill
The Town of View Royal recognizes the important role of local authorities in taking preventative measures to help protect the citizens, their livelihoods, and the infrastructure of View Royal and our full support is given to the UNISDR campaign for "Making Cities Resilient"
Website of the city : www.viewroyal.ca/
Size : 14.5 Km2 sq km
Population : 2013 - 9,400
Part Of : British Columbia
Hazards : Earthquake, Epidemic & Pandemic, NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Storm Surge, Technical Disaster, Tsunami, Wild Fire
View Royal’s location on Vancouver Island places the community among a number of natural hazards, including earthquake, tsunami, and severe weather events. As the hub of the region’s transportation network severe road accidents and hazardous material releases are among the concerns for major emergencies. View Royal is a primarily residential community with some light industrial and commercial activity. We neighbour five municipalities as well as a Naval base and two First Nations reserves.
- Construction of seismic Fire hall/Public Safety Building - Public Education - Sustainable urban planning and Development that addresses risk reduction - Staff and volunteer training in emergency management (evacuations, Emergency Operations Centre, Emergency preparedness) - volunteer programs that expand response and recovery capability