Local Government Profile
Tirane - Albania
Mr. Lulzim Basha, Mayor of Tirana City
To: Ms. Paola Albrito Head UNISDR Regional Office for Europe UN House 14 Rue Montoyer 1000 Brussels Belgium RE: Expression of Interest "UNISDR Campaign" Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready Dear Ms. Albrito: On behalf of the city of Tirana, I am pleased to express my interest to join the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (“UNISDR”) “Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready” campaign. The Municipality and I value the safety of the city, and are committed to create conditions that ensure the safety of our citizens. Our local government has made great progress as it pertains to the “ten-point checklist”, and while we are equipped to respond to natural disasters, we would like to shift part of our focus to adopting measures that reduce the consequences and prevent natural disaster catastrophes. Tirana is a relatively new city with a total surface area of approximately 45.8 km2. Subsequent to the Disaster Risk Assessment report prepared in collaboration with UNDP and other observations conducted throughout the country, some risks and particular vulnerable areas have been identified in Tirana: •Seismic Risk: Mass migration from rural to urban areas has resulted in overly-populated, unsafe areas that are vulnerable in the event of seismic activity. •Flood Risk: Urban sprawl and construction near the shore and the riverbed of Tirana, and basement homes built near wastewater management facilities particularly in suburban areas are prone to higher flooding risks. •Landslides are experienced in Tirana’s peripheries resulting mainly from construction in unstable formations. The Municipality of Tirana would be honored to join this campaign to engage in a dialogue of mutual learning. We are eager to learn from the experiences of the other cities and to share our own in order to mitigate and even prevent natural disasters because the safety of our cities and citizens is our priority. I, therefore, conclude this letter thanking you in advance for considering Tirana for the “Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready” campaign, and hope it to be a mutually rewarding experience. Sincerely Yours, Lulzim Basha Mayor of Tirana
Website of the city : www.tirana.gov.al
Size : 42 km 2 sq km
Population : 2012 - 622.202 (1 of January 2012)
Part Of : Tirane
Hazards : Earthquake, Flood, Heat Wave, Land Slide, Storm Surge
•Windy rainstorm accompanied by lightning causing medium hazard flooding in different areas of the city; •Flooding of the “New Tirana” area (Municipality Unit No. 8) following the opening of the floodgates of Artificial Lake of Tirana dam in September 2002; •Landslides in informal areas (suburbs); •Destruction of houses in the absence of intervention, amortization, and other destructive acts.
In accordance with the law and legal regulations, E.U. structures have been established and are operating. The Municipality, Municipal Units, activities and operations in their control coordinating their training and their work with other sectors in the Municipality and central government, which monitor and control the enforcement of the reduction of risky and hazardous areas. The undertaken measures have had a positive effect. Municipality of Tirana is also very supportive of disaster risk reduction initiative including “Making Cities Resilient” program for which this report is produced. The involvement of Civil Emergencies sector and Directory of Foreign Investment Promotion, also demonstrate how Municipality of Tirana resources are engaged in disaster risk reduction and preparedness.