Local Government Profile
Stoke-on-Trent - United Kingdom
Mohammed Pervez
“I am delighted that the Stoke-On-Trent City Council is participating in this vital initiative. This city is growing fast with new industries and jobs, new homes and a new found energy and dynamism. It’s changing fast. The city’s reputation as a international centre of ceramics is now growing to include advanced materials technology and renewable and sustainable energy. There are a host of new innovative and creative enterprises establishing themselves across the city, the city centre is blossoming and the city’s massive capacity for growth is taking off. This supercharging of the local economy, this renaissance of energy, changes the risks dynamic and we are working with industry, the emergency services and a host of other partners to ensure that our systems reflect this changing landscape.”
Website of the city : www.stoke.gov.uk/ccm/portal/
Size : 93 sq km
Population : 2013 - 2,500
Hazards : Cold Wave, Epidemic & Pandemic, Flood, Heat Wave, NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Technical Disaster
Stoke is a municipality. It has a large elderly population many of which have difficulty reading and writing. Additionally, Stoke is one of the poorest cities in the UK with a life expectancy below the National Avereage. Disasters in recent years include the pandemic in 2009 and very cold weather in 2010, 2011 1nd 2012. Vehicles were unable to move in several parts of the city.
We have experienced low levels of flooding and are working hard with partners including the Environment Agency to ensure we have a robust flood plan and defences. We work with other agencies and charities to assist the elderly and vulnerable to improve their home insulation. This will help keep homes warm in the winter but also cool in summer. e are working with partners to ensure we have a robust response to emergencies including transport and rest centre plan. These are regularly tested during exercises.