Local Government Profile
Shiraz - Iran, Islamic Rep of
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Website of the city : www.eshiraz.ir
Size : 179 Km2 sq km
Population : 2009 - 1,455,073
Leader Title : Mayor, City council
Part Of : Fars province
Hazards : Drought, Earthquake, Flood
Earthquake: 1860 and 1890 earthquakes ruined historical buildings of this city; Shiraz was renewed and flourished again. The major faults in Shiraz region and its vicinity are Sabzposhan, Kohenjan, Sarvestan and Karehbas. 1972 there was an earthquake with 6.9 Richter in Ghir and Karzin with a lot of people which was killed and injured through this earthquake. 2011 in Lamard and 2012 in Shriaz there were again Earthquake in Fars province. Flood: Heavy rains fell over southwestern Iran between January 5 and January 12, 2004, along the western side of the Zagros Mountains in the western part of the country. At least six people were killed as a result of flash flooding in the province of Fars near the city of Shiraz. Drought: The Environment Protection Organization of Iran has warned about the declining water levels of Bakhtegan Lake in the country’s southern Fars Province. Located about 160km east of the historical city of Shiraz, the lake is facing a great environmental disaster due to drought and lack of proper management. Several dams have been built over the Kor River, the main source of Bakhtegan’s water, reducing the water flow into the salt lake and threatening its bird-life. Iran’s second-largest lake, Bakhtegan once hosted thousands of migratory birds such as flamingos in an area of over 350,000 hectares.
2009- Funding Shiraz Disaster Management Department (SHDMD) trough Municipality of Shiraz with the goal of DRR and DRM and increasing the resiliency.