Local Government Profile
San Francisco Municipality - Philippines
"Building the culture of resiliency is our Priority". The participation of everyone is very important
Website of the city : www.travelcamotes.com
Size : 10,597 sq km
Population : 2011 - 47,357
Part Of : Cebu Province
Hazards : Drought, Earthquake, Flood, Land Slide, Storm Surge

Grassroots disaster management

Due to its distinct geographic location, San Francisco is considered vulnerable to typhoons and strong monsoon winds. Two types of monsoon winds occur in the area—the northeast monsoon from December to February and the southwest monsoon from June to September. In 1982, a strong typhoon “Bising” hit the island that devastated some parts of Camotes leaving 112 casualties in the aftermath. Being situated in a small island presents more challenges to its residents as access to supplies from the mainland is made more difficult by storms and strong winds. Heavy rainfall can also cause floods and landslides to low-lying areas of the municipality. The lack of water supply and inadequate irrigation facilities further increases the vulnerability of San Francisco to prolonged dry season commonly known as El Nino. Being a low-income town with people’s livelihoods based mainly on fishing and agriculture, the disaster risks pose to people’s lives are even higher as lack of financial and logistical resources may potentially constrain them from coping with various natural and human-made hazards
SANFRAN LOCAL PRACTICAL APPROACH for DISASTER REDUCTION   Community_based Disaster Risk Reduction Management using Sanfran Purok System Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) Disaster Risk Reduction using Red Cross Youth Movement (DRRRCYM) Creation of Community based responder in partnership with CiERT Knowledge Management thru DRR Advocators (KMDA) Installation of Purok Disaster Risk Reduction Chairman at all Purok Sanfran Local/Practical Approach in Building Change Adaptability Coastal Resource Management Climate Smart Proof Infrastructure like (Design of our Seawall, Market, Terminal Area) Sanfran Eco- waste Management Mangrove Reforestation & Rehabilitation Two Million Trees for Greenin San Francisco Formulation of Environmental Laws that Protect/Conserve Environment Creation of San Francisco Law Enforcers Group (SALEG) Climate Change Adaptation Wall Integrated Farming for the Out of School Youth and Purok Members Promote Backyard Gardening
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