Local Government Profile
Quezalguaque - Nicaragua
Reyna Chavarría
Size : 86000000 sq km
Part Of : Nicaragua
Hazards : Cyclone, Earthquake, Flood
Located about 109 kilometers from the capital city of Managua, Quezalguaque is classified as having a tropical savanna climate with average annual precipitation reaching 1.827 millimeters. Quezalguaque is a highly agricultural town that depends on crops such as soybeans, peanuts, sesame, maize, beans and sugar cane. A high unemployment rate and limited municipal budget are among the largest issues facing the city.
In May 2010 floods struck the city inundating 500 homes, affecting 800 families and causing around $660,000 in damage. The flood left many people in Quezalguaque in urgent need of basic humanitarian assistance such as food, clothing and water. In 2000, the municipality participated in a FAO funded project for the rehabilitation of the watershed in Quezalguaque that was damaged during Hurricane Mitch. In addition, together with Telica and Larreynaga, the city is a member of the municipal network of the Telica River Basin (2007) which is a cooperative community of local governments taking initiative to promote development, build capacity, and optimize resources while moving towards better living conditions, sustainability, and community resilience in member cities.