Local Government Profile
Qom - Iran, Islamic Rep of
Mr. Mohammad Delbari (M.Sc.in Change Management)
Effective Urban Management and community contribution, the key of Qom Resiliency
Website of the city : www.qom.ir
Size : 82 sq kilometer sq km
Population : 2012 - 1,200,000
Leader Title : Mayor
Part Of : Qom
Hazards : Cold Wave, Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic & Pandemic, Flood, Heat Wave
Flood in Qom(returning period of 50 years), Qom-Zafreh Faults near Qom can be the trigger of big damage in Qom. Worn-out texture and old infrastructure are the most vulnerable subjects in Qom.
Qom is situated on the banks of the Qom River. Natural Hazard types are Flood, Earthquake, Draught and Frost. Risk of different Pandemic is given because of visit of 20 millions pilgrims yearly. Desert National Park near Qom Section of Qom province, specially the vicinity of the Qom Rood village lies within the limits of the National Desert Park. The same is almost a virgin area, with valuable specimens of wildlife and various herbal species in the country. The Kavir National Park is an example of desert and arid type ecosystems. Its scanty rainfall has given rise to some herbal species which have adapted to and withstand the existing conditions. Wildlife species have also in an outstanding and surprising manner has accustomed themselves to the meager resources, and their preservation has aided them greatly to increase in number. From the aspect of a survey on the desert ecosystem and the identification of adaptation mechanisms of herbal and wildlife species to these surroundings, the Kavir National Park can be said to be such an area of survey.