Local Government Profile
Portmore - Jamaica
Mr. George Lee
"Being cognizant of our exposure to various risk we are proactive"
Size : 131.12 sq km
Population : 2011 - 182,153
Part Of : Jamaica
Hazards : Drought, Earthquake, Flood, Storm Surge, Tsunami
The geographical location and the high population density (still growing) of the Municipality makes the area very vulnerable to storm surges and flooding which are associated with the passage of a hurricane. In addition, the impact of climate change also helps to worsen secondary hazards from hurricanes such as coastline erosion. The entire community is at great risk to other potential climate change effects, namely, sea level rise, increase intensity and frequency of weather events and the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue. The Municipality is situated on alluvium , which is a contributory factor to seismic amplification. We are also in close proximity to the Blue Mountain - Wagwater Fault system which is capable of generating earthquakes of significant magnitude. The presence of high water table and reclaimed land increases the possibility of liquefaction.
Monthly Disaster Management Committee meeting Public Education Training (Emergency Operation Centre, Shelter Management, Initial Damage Assessment, Psychosocial Support for children in Emergency)