Local Government Profile
Petra - Jordan
Prof. Mohammad Nawafleh
Website of the city : www.pdtra.gov.jo
Size : 800 Km2 sq km
Population : 2014 - 31,192
Part Of : Petra
Hazards : Earthquake, Flood, Land Slide
Petra exposed to many disasters such as flash floods, earthquakes, landslide, and rockfall. Petra had been impacted by most of the disasters which are previously mentioned such as flash floods, earthquakes and landslides. The most recently disasters are: • Flash flood 1994, 1996, 1998, 2001,2003,2010 • Earthquake 1995, 2006 In 1996 a massive flash flood happened in Petra, Sun was shining, and there were no indications of rain, suddenly we were surprised by flash floods coming from outside the city, by the main valleys or streams that were connected to outside the city. 3 Persons were killed, many cars and earthmoving equipment were being dragged by flood in the valleys, and some other private properties were cracked, many damages in infrastructure were happened. Actually my municipality (Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority) was not established yet, there was the ex-municipality of Wadi Mousa, there were no plans, or action had been taken or to be taken. The only action was after the disaster, some rehabilitation to streets, water channels and streams, some retaining walls to protect some private homes and public infrastructure. From the last massive flash flood in 2003 and a very light earthquake happened 2006, many actions had been made in term of preparedness or mitigation, valleys and water streams were rehabilitated, retaining walls constructed, emergency plans created with all concern institutions and with coordination with all stakeholders such like local governorate, police department, Civil Defense, medical sector, public works, …etc., in addition to emergency teams, vehicles, evacuation plans, shelters places, dams, and enlargement of water and rain drainage channels.
1-Early Warning System for flash floods, 2-Risk Assessment for flash flood, rock fall, landslide, and earthquakes