Local Government Profile
Nashik - India
Mayor : Ms. Naina Gholap Commissioner: B.D. Sanap
Nashik will be Disaster Resilient within next 5 years.
Website of the city : www.nashikcorporation.gov.in
Size : 259 Sq. Km. sq km
Population : 2011 - 1,486,937
Part Of : Maharashtra
Hazards : Earthquake, Epidemic & Pandemic, Flood, Land Slide, Technical Disaster
(a) Earthquake: Nashik is in Seismic Zone 3 where an EQ of a magnitude of approximately 7.0 on the Richter scale is possible. A population of approximately 6000 to 8000 may be victimized because of such collapse of structures. (b) Landslide: The present vulnerability is of approximately 500 to 600 hutments (“Jhuggi-Jhopari”) located on the hill slopes. In case of such an incident occurring, there is a likelihood of 100 to 200 residents getting buried/ partially buried. (c) Floods: In case of adequate warning, which may be the case most of the time, out of a total of 11,000 highly vulnerable populations, there may be cases of about 2% deaths i.e. 220. 5% population may suffer from serious injuries. (d) Lightening: The incidents of Lightening strikes resulting in casualties or damage to property are rare. (e) Accidents: The two National Highways and three State Highways passing through the city make the city vulnerable to road accidents. Within the jurisdiction of Nashik city, there are a total of 237 industries, Fatalities may vary from 5 to 15 (f) Other: Electrocutions, Stampede, Terrorist attack, Communal violence at low intensity
1. Recruitment of Dedicated Human Resources 2.Disaster Management Department Set-up in Nashik Municipal Corporation. 3. Urban Hazard Risk and vulnerability Assessment 4. City Disaster Management Plan 5. Urban Community Level Disaster Management Plan