Local Government Profile
Mannar - Sri Lanka
Mr. S. Gnanapragasam
Website of the city : Mannar District Secretariat
Size : 1,996 km2 sq km
Population : 0 - 54,345
Hazards : Flood, Drought, Cyclone

Flood Risk Reduction

Mannar is located in the western part of the northern province , about 111km north west of anuradhapura. Its co-ordinates are approximately 9o 2’ north and 79o 49’ east. The urban centre is located on Mannar island situated in the north west coast of Sri Lanka.

The main disaster in the area is floods, Drought and Cyclone. The citizens are more prone to these hazards. Since Mannar is located in the Cyclone belt of Sri Lanka sever cyclones were hit in 1978 super cyclone. The community of the area is predominantly enaged in fishing and agriculural activites.

Risk reducing organization and coordination in place:Progress and achievements – Mannar Urban council is close working with Divisional disaster management committee. Mannar Urban council was enged in recent flood releif coordination with asssistance of District Disaster Management Coordinators.
Risk assessment prepared:Progress and achievements – approached DMC for the technical assistance. discussions have been initiated with agencies for this purpose.
Safe schools and health facilities:Progress and achievements – - Disaster Management Awareness programs were conducted in the schools with the assistance of District Disaster Mangement unit of Mannar.
Risk-compliant building regulation and land use applied:Progress and achievements – technical Offocers of the Mannar Urban Council were trained on hazard resileint building designs and about the building codes.
Early warning systems installed:Progress and achievements – community based early warning mechanism was developed. This needed to be improved in the future. And will identification of potential places for establishing early warning system for floods, Community awareness building along with DMC, MOH and other institutions., Establishing earlywarning working groups