Local Government Profile
Malmö - Sweden
Ilmar Reepalu
“We hope that our knowledge in sustainable urban development and our holistic approach on how to create a resilient society can help others at the same way we look forward to learn from other cities.”
Website of the city : www.malmo.se
Size : 156 sq km sq km
Population : 2013 - 307,800
Part Of : Skåne
Hazards : Flood, Heat Wave
Malmö must prepare for risks such as changes in temperature, sea level rise and increased precipitation to avoid unacceptable ecological, economic, and social consequences of natural events such as floods, storms and heat waves.
Malmö will build resilience through holistic sustainable development as well as continuity planning for risk reduction. Malmö believes that a resilient city can be achieved through the development of holistic sustainability where the ecological, economic and social perspective is combined. Malmö's goal is to further develop the city's adaptive organizational ability to react to unforeseen events. Malmö's approach to disaster risk reduction is that by achieving a resilient city in general we also anticipate resilience against natural disasters in specific. This will be achieved and maintained by consolidating and raising the level of education, strengthened integration and cooperation in-between the city departments, enterprises, universities and organizations. This kind of comprehensive view also permeates the ongoing work on climate adaptation and well-arranged planning work. The aim is to use the ecological development as a driving force for economic growth and social innovation.