Local Government Profile
La Garrotxa - Olot - Spain
Olot's Mayor: Mr. Josep M. Corominas La Garrotxa County Council President: Mr. Joan Espona
-"La Garrotxa considers the territorial development of resilience as the engine of the management system to improve infrastructure and public services" -"La Garrotxa intends to be, as a demonstration territory, an example in developing technologies to improve resilience, specifically with the inclusion of the creation of a “Situation Room " and the installation of sensors in the area, thus contributing to innovation"
Size : 734,6 km2 sq km
Population : 2012 - 55,815
Part Of : Catalonia
Hazards : Earthquake, Flood, Land Slide, Volcano, Wild Fire
La Garrotxa has basically climatic and geological risks. It is a mountain region (big snowfalls risk) with a 75% of forest surface (forest fire risk). It is also a volcanic region (earthquake risk). Finally, the Fluvià River is set as the axis of the region, flowing across the country from south to north (Flood risk).
-HAZUR Project: identified areas of improvement in the level of resilience as to guarantee the provision of essential facilites. -Creation of a Siutation room to view real time information relevant to risk prevention. -Drafting of Civil protection plans in municipalities and County of La Garrotxa