Local Government Profile
Kristianstad - Sweden
Sten Hermansson, chairman of the city council in Kristianstad
Website of the city : www.kristianstad.se/
Size : 1,300 sq. km sq km
Population : 2011 - 35,000
Part Of : Sweden
Hazards : Flood

Flood Protection

Frequent accidents in Kristianstad include fires in buildings and housing, fires in open areas and road accidents. These types of accidents in many cases result in injuries, extensive damage with major economic conse-quences. Major flooding of various parts of Kristiansand has occurred and is anticipated to occur in the future. Particular sites, buildings and the city’s critical infrastructure need special protection against disasters due to po-tential material and structural damage and adverse affects to the environ-ment. In addition, protecting the quality drinking water must be a consid-eration even in times of flooding.
The municipality has several large industries with special risks, including the handling of flammable gas (biogas, LPG) and large, contiguous set-tlements in Kristianstad’s city centre.
Kristianstad has introduced a new organization to manage the disaster risks. The municipality encourages participation of citizens. There are al-ready municipal emergency services, a department for environmental and planning office all of which considers climate change issues. The munici-pality has been working with integrated risk management since 1995. The group comprises employees from rescue services, emergency prepared-ness and the emergency operations center. There is an emergency pre-paredness coordination officer in the group. The work is continually in progress and easy contact can be made with members of the groups since all representatives communicate and cooperate regularly regarding their diverse areas of responsibility.

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Mayor's of Kristianstad