Local Government Profile
Dubrovnik - Croatia
Dr. Andro Vlahušić
Dubrovnik is a city of well known heritage and history, which has been named as UNESCO World heritage in 1979. It's cultural,architectural and natural beauties made it a worldwide tourist attraction.
Website of the city : www.dubrovnik.hr
Size : 143,35 km 2 sq km
Population : 2011 - 42.641
Leader Title : Mayor
Hazards : Earthquake, Wild Fire
The main natural hazards for the City of Dubrovnik and the surrounding towns and municipalities are open air fires and earthquakes.In the beginning of august 2007 the wider area of the City of Dubrovnik was caught in a disastrous fire which broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina and spread over an enormous area, where the city's most important infrastructural facilities are located.The City of Dubrovnik and its surroundings are in a seismically very active are, and a tectonic rift near Dubrovnik can potentially cause an earthquake of a magnitude up to 7,5 degrees on the Richter scale. A significant day in the history of Dubrovnik is the 6th of April of 1667. when Dubrovnik was struck by a disastrous earthquake, devastating almost entire city and killing some three thousand people.As the earthquakes were not scaled at the time, it is now estimated that the city was struck by an earthquake of a magnitude far above 7 degrees on the Richter scale.
Adoption of Hazard Assessment for the population, material and cultural goods estimate in the area of the City of Dubrovnik accepted by the competent ministry. We can point out that with five locations under video surveillance which have the ability of directing from the operational centre, nearly 90% of the city is covered and the fire protection system of the city is significantly improved.The City of Dubrovnik established cooperation with Ravno municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of improving fire protection of the border area, and on the issue of joint financing of the new firebreaks and trails.Shelters in the area of the City, which were in bad condition following the Homeland war, were restored through gradual investments and now are restored to full function.The City of Dubrovnik provides shelter space free of charge for the civil associations to carry out their activities providing additional participation of NGO's, youth and senior citizens.