Local Government Profile
Chengdu - China
Ge Hong Lin
New Century, Let's Meet in New Chengdu
Website of the city : www.chengdu.gov.cn/echengdu/
Size : 12390 km2 sq km
Population : 0 - 13 million plus
Leader Title : CPC Party Chief, Mayor
Government Type : Sub-provincial_divisions_in_the_People's_Republic_of_China
Part Of : Sichuan, China
Hazards : Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic & Pandemic, Flood, Storm Surge

Resilient Development

The ultra strong Wenchuan Earthquake wrecked grave impacts over people's life and properties in 2008. Confronted by such an unprecedented nation-shattering catastrophe, the city mobilized all the forces to rescue the victims, steadily promote the settlements of survivors and reduce the damages to the minimum. On the city level, the tasks for reinforcements of 315,000 houses had been finished by 100% while 136,516 or 99.91% of the total 136,644 houses to be newly built had been finished by September 19th, 2010. As a result, 136,101 households or 99.91% of the total had available housing, and 121,469 households or 88.89% of the total had already moved in. And, on the town and rural level, totally 141,5000 houses or 100% of the total had been maintained and reinforced, 42,420 houses or 98.75% of the total to be newly built had been completed, and 23,911 households or 55.66% of the total had already moved in by September 19th, 2010. The rebuilt communities are now home to sophisticated infrastructure facilities.
Based on surveys of the geographic and time distributions of major climate disasters such as storms, floods, geographic events, high temperature and droughts, the city has designated hazardous areas for meteorological and derivative risks. Meteorological monitoring network is established to support early warning and immediate reporting of risks. Also, the city government has partnered with authorities in land resource, water resource and environmental protection among others in the areas of risk prevention and data sharing in the area of meteorological disasters. Monthly analysis programs are put in place for emergency public health incidents. Starting from November 2006, the City Disease Control Center has been running routine epidemic and emergency event analysis meetings every month, organizing experts’ teams on early warning and assessment to analyze the information collected, debate whether there is rise in epidemic outbreaks, study the reasons for anomalies, conduct prediction and warning, and propose countermeasures. Chengdu is the only mega central city in the stricken areas of the huge 5•12 Wenchuan Earthquake. The whole city, especially the suburban areas adjoining the epicenter suffered heavy losses. In total 670 thousand urban and rural houses were damaged, 2.82 million people were affected by the disaster and the direct economic loss was RMB98.4 billion Yuan. During these three years, with the government’s strong leadership and the whole nation’s strong support, Chengdu pushed forward high-quality of post-disaster reconstruction and attempted to achieve scientific reconstruction and scientific development.
Ruiwu Xie Interview