Local Government Profile
Cascais - Portugal
Carlos Carreiras
Resilient Cities The only certainty as for the future is that it is increasingly uncertain. In Cascais, a coastal town, we have a clear perception that by being a sensitive area, like all coastal areas are, the world brings us changes and dramatic challenges on demographic, economic, technological and environmental levels. Therefore, in Cascais in we´ve started to get ready for these challenges. By knowing that all the problems are linked today, we´ve established a resilient strategy where, among others measures, we count on the action of traditional agents of security and civil protection and university studies and evaluations. To Cascais, resilience also depends on several factors, and we know that our territory will be able to resist with an efficient land planning policy, by protecting our environmental heritage and by creating democratic chances for social development. Last, but not least, increasing citizen’s involvement in the public administration, praising a regime of true Local Participative Democracy. A resilient territory depends on resilient population. We bet on reinforcing people´s ability to intervene in difficult situations.If the world is an unexpected place, only together we will be able to face the upcoming challenges. By becoming resilient, we are certain to ensure security, well-being and life quality to our communities.
Website of the city : www.cm-cascais.pt/
Size : 97.40 km2 sq km
Population : 2011 - 206.479
Hazards : Earthquake, Heat Wave, Storm Surge, Tsunami, Wild Fire
É missão do Serviço municipal de Proteção Civil executar e coordenar a política municipal de Protecção Civil, nomeadamente na prevenção, preparação, resposta e recuperação a acidentes graves, e catástrofes, promovendo a protecção e o socorro das populações, dos bens, do património e do ambiente no concelho de Cascais.
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