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International Day for Disaster Reduction: too many children still threatened by natural hazards

10 Oct 2007 Press release

2007 UN Sasakawa Award selects two Laureates dedicated to communicating lessons of past disasters

Professor Yoshiaki Kawata from the Disaster Prevention Research Institute in Japan, and Tony Gibbs, a highly respected Caribbean engineer in building safety, have been selected as the two 2007 Sasakawa Laureates.
5 Oct 2007 Press release

Early warning systems do save lives

21 Aug 2007 Press release

ISDR urges every country to implement the Hyogo Framwork for Action to reduce climate-related risks: disaster risk reduction is not an option - it is an urgent priority

10 Aug 2007 Press release

Floods in Asia and heat waves in Central and South Europe

26 Jun 2007 Press release

World experts unite to confront growing risks of disasters

7 Jun 2007 Press release

First session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction: "Our vulnerability to disasters has never been so high," says USG for Humanitarian Affairs

5 Jun 2007 Press release

Building regional partnerships for reducing disaster risk in Middle East and North Africa

17 Apr 2007 Press release

UNISDR calls for urgent action to reduce vulnerability to climate change

6 Apr 2007 Press release

Madagascar cyclones: UNISDR calls for effective action to face extreme weather events

1 Apr 2007 Press release

An online game to teach children how to save lives and livelihoods

1 Mar 2007 Press release

Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action will help reduce the risk of disasters and climate change

7 Feb 2007 Press release

ISDR Highlights January 07

Highlights this month include the first consultative meeting of a Media Network for disaster risk reduction, the release of disaster figures for 2006, and the results of an international symposium assessing progress on the Hyogo Framework two years after the World Conference on Disaster Reduction.
31 Jan 2007 Newsletter

Three European countries among the top ten deadliest disasters of 2006

29 Jan 2007 Press release

ISDR urges more climate change action

24 Nov 2006 Press release

More commitment needed to reduce the risk and impact of disasters

10 Oct 2006 Press release

World Bank - ISDR partnership to promote resilience of nations and communities to disasters

3 Oct 2006 Press release

"The world needs to draw the lessons of Hurricane Katrina"

29 Aug 2006 Press release

Education and knowledge can save lives

25 Aug 2006 Press release

Rapid, national, local and community response is key to saving lives during a tsunami

2 Aug 2006 Press release

Global disaster reduction education campaign: "Investing in school safety and disaster risk education pays off"

15 Jun 2006 Press release

Ministerial conference for the least development countries - address by Sálvano Briceño, Director, UNISDR

5 Jun 2006 Statements & speeches

3rd public symposium on post disaster recovery - opening remarks by Sálvano Briceño, Director, UNISDR

30 May 2006 Statements & speeches

"Building safety should become a priority in countries vulnerable to natural hazards"

23 May 2006 Press release

Global conference on Preventing Disasters and Minimizing their Consequences at Harvard School of Public Health - address by Sálvano Briceño, Director UNISDR

27 Apr 2006 Statements & speeches

100th anniversary San Francisco: "Too many children are killed in schools when disasters strike"

19 Apr 2006 Press release

Disasters increase by 18 per cent, but death rates drop

30 Jan 2006 Press release

"Governments must accelerate their efforts to make disaster risk reduction a national priority"

18 Jan 2006 Press release

African solidarity strengthens disaster risk reduction

5 Dec 2005 Press release

Interview with Yann Arthus Bertrand, internationally renowned aerial photographer

Yann Arthus Bertrand worked with UNISDR to create a 2006 calendar that contains photographs highlighting the need for disaster risk reduction. UNISDR asked Yann some questions about his photography and interest in disaster preparedness.
22 Nov 2005 News briefs
The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 was adopted at the World Conference in Sendai, Japan The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 was adopted at the World Conference in Sendai, Japan.
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