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5th session of the Conference to Parties to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification - address by Sálvano Briceño, Director, UNISDR

10 Oct 2001 Statements & speeches

20th session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - address by Salvano Briceno, Director, UNISDR

16 Jun 2004 Statements & speeches

Disaster reduction on the agenda of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Buenos Aires

3 Dec 2004 Press release

ISDR urges more climate change action

24 Nov 2006 Press release

Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action will help reduce the risk of disasters and climate change

7 Feb 2007 Press release

UNISDR calls for urgent action to reduce vulnerability to climate change

6 Apr 2007 Press release

ISDR Highlights April 07

Highlights this month include preparations for the first session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in June, agreement amongst city associations to launch a global forum on disaster risk and megacities, and the World Food Programme's process to comply with the Hyogo Framework.
30 Apr 2007 Newsletter

ISDR Highlights May 07

Highlights this month include the launch of the UNISDR global online library for disaster risk reduction, the release of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change and the launch of an International Centre for Drought Risk Reduction by the Chinese government.
31 May 2007 Newsletter

Floods in Asia and heat waves in Central and South Europe

26 Jun 2007 Press release

ISDR urges every country to implement the Hyogo Framwork for Action to reduce climate-related risks: disaster risk reduction is not an option - it is an urgent priority

10 Aug 2007 Press release

UNISDR urges governments at Bali climate change conference to promote adaptation and disaster risk reduction

23 Nov 2007 Press release

Bali Roadmap on Climate Change recognizes importance of disaster risk reduction

The main outcome document of the UNFCCC 13th Conference of the Parties, the Bali Action Plan, sets the path toward a new international climate change agreement. UNISDR is supporting countries in implementing the Bali Action Plan.
17 Dec 2007 News briefs

ISDR Highlights February 08

Highlights this month include UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's support of the Hyogo Framework at a high level climate change meeting, progress on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction through the UN Development Group, and the launch of a regional task force on Urban Risk Reduction in the Asia Pacific.
29 Feb 2008 Newsletter

Tackling drought essential for food crisis solution

25 Apr 2008 Press release

ISDR Highlights April 08

Highlights this month include agreement at the Bangkok Climate Change talks that risk reduction and risk management will be included in the talks in Poznan in December, action in South Asia and Southeast Asia on the Hospitals Safe from Disasters campaign, and a new online Hyogo Framework monitoring tool from UNISDR.
30 Apr 2008 Newsletter

ISDR Highlights June 08

Highlights this month include the UNFCCC Nairobi Work Programme asking for more input on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, the greenlighting of a major cost-benefit analysis of disaster risk reduction, and the launching of Senegal's national parliamentarian network on disaster risk reduction.
30 Jun 2008 Newsletter

ISDR Highlights July 08

Highlights this month include the G8+5's adopting of a climate change adaptation paper, a WHO team's plans to investigate hospital safety in the wake of the Sichuan Earthquake, and news on the Hospitals Safe from Disaster campaign in the Middle East region.
31 Jul 2008 Newsletter

IPCC workshop on extreme events management accepted

The 29th session of the IPCC meeting (Geneva, 1-4 September 2008) agreed to hold a scoping workshop on the IPCC Special Report on Managing Extreme Events to Advance Adaptation proposed by Norway and the ISDR system with support from Luxembourg...
4 Sep 2008 News briefs

Adapt now to rising floodwaters says UN disaster prevention body

26 Sep 2008 Press release

UN Secretary-General calls on Member States to use disaster risk reduction for climate change adaptation

To help Member States find solutions to cope with climatic disasters, BAN Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, convened a ministerial meeting in New York on Monday 29th of September...
29 Sep 2008 News briefs

ISDR System submits adaptation proposal to UNFCCC

On 29 September, the ISDR System submitted a proposal to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat in response to the Bali Action Plan’s call for enhanced action on adaptation through consideration of disaster risk reduction strategies, risk management and risk transfer mechanisms...
30 Sep 2008 News briefs

ISDR Highlights September 08

Highlights this month include Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's appeal to member states to use disaster risk reduction for climate change adaptation, and results of the African Drought Risk and Development network and Sino-Africa Forum on Drought Risk Reduction.
30 Sep 2008 Newsletter

ISDR Highlights October 08

Highlights this month include a call by parliamentarians to make the Hyogo Framework legally binding, a climate change adaptation declaration by a global women's congress, and worldwide events on the International Day for Disaster Reduction.
31 Oct 2008 Newsletter

New Philippines Senate climate change committee tasked with DRR

At the instigation of Senator Loren Legarda, UNISDR's regional disaster risk reduction champion for the Asia Pacific, the Philippines Senate have set up a Committee on Climate Change which will be tasked with climate and disaster risk management.
17 Dec 2008 News briefs

ISDR Highlights December 08

Highlights this month include the results of the Poznań Climate Change talks, the appointment of a new Asia Pacific regional Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction, and a call by Asian Ministers for 10% of humanitarian funding to go to disaster risk reduction.
18 Dec 2008 Newsletter

UNFCCC summary of disaster risk workshop now available

Recommendations on climate-related hazards, and sectoral and national level planning, are available in a summary of a recent UNFCCC technical workshop on disaster risk. The workshop looked at integrating climate risk assessment and management and disaster risk reduction into national policies and programmes.
16 Mar 2009 News briefs

Video : 2009 Global assesment report (GAR)

Video : 2009 Global assesment report (GAR) > View full story
1 May 2009 News briefs

Event : 2009 Global assesment report on disaster risk reduction launch : Bangkok, Thailand : 25th May

The Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction launched for the first time internationally in Bahrain on 17-18 May by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon will be launched regionally in Bangkok on 25 May 2009, at the United Nations Conference Centre, in presence of senior officials from the Regional Organisations, Government of Thailand, senior representatives from the UN Agencies, International Financial Institutions, and the Civil Society, followed by a discussion on the implications of the Reports? findings for the Asia and the Pacific.

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25 May 2009 News briefs

World Environment Day - Ecosystems decline together with climate change will make disasters worse

5 Jun 2009 News briefs

Global Platform: Special events to highlight projects and achievements

9 Jun 2009 News briefs
The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction took place in 2015 The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction took place in 2015.
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