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Huge mudslides from Hurricane Stan were big killers in Central America and southern Mexico

6 Oct 2005 Press release

British schoolgirl hero meets President Clinton

3 Oct 2005 Press release

2005 UN Sasakawa Award recognises regional efforts in disaster reduction

The UN Sasakawa Award Jury named Mr. Chimeddorj Batchulluun of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the Government of Mongolia as the 2005 Laureate for his efforts in raising awareness about the impact of the Dzud on pastoral livestock.
23 Sep 2005 Press release

Hurricane Katrina: "Industrialized countries have to be prepared for the worst"

30 Aug 2005 Press release

Floods in Switzerland and Central Europe: "We should never forget that we are all vulnerable to natural hazards."

24 Aug 2005 Press release

Fires in Portugal: "There is a need for stronger cooperation between countries."

23 Aug 2005 Press release

Indian monsoon in Mumbai: landslides were the main killers

29 Jul 2005 Press release

Third international warning conference to be held in Bonn next Month

26 Jul 2005 Press release

Hurricane season: "Preparation is key," says Salvano Briceño from ISDR

19 Jul 2005 Press release

Annan issues report on strengthening global, regional response in tsunami's wake

UN News Service. Ahead of tomorrow's address to the Economic and Social Council by former United States President Bill Clinton, United Nations Special Envoy overseeing recovery efforts from December's devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has issued his recommendations on how national, global and regional responses to natural disasters can be improved.
13 Jul 2005 News briefs

G8 calls for more effective strategy to reduce disasters worldwide

11 Jul 2005 Press release

Early warning system in the Indian Ocean: one of the main achievements, six months after the tsunami tragedy

22 Jun 2005 Press release

ISDR joins Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union to boost information and education on disasters

10 Jun 2005 Press release

International Year of Microcredit: an opportunity to explore the impact of micro finance on disaster reduction

26 May 2005 Press release

Meeting in Mauritius for a tsunami early warning system in the Indian Ocean

12 Apr 2005 Press release

Heightened awareness allows effective evacuations following Sumatra earthquake

29 Mar 2005 Press release

Disaster risk reduction essential for sustainable development

22 Mar 2005 Press release

Paris meeting commits to development of Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system

11 Mar 2005 Press release

International Women's Day high level panel - statement by Sálvano Briceño, Director, UNISDR

8 Mar 2005 Statements & speeches

Meeting in Paris to plan tsunami early warning system

1 Mar 2005 Press release

Tsunami: a technical seminar in Tokyo before Paris

18 Feb 2005 Press release

26 December tsunami provokes high jump in disaster death figures

17 Feb 2005 Press release

World Conference on Disaster Reduction, 18 – 22 January 2005, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

阪神淡路大震災から10年たった兵庫県神戸市で、1月18日から22日まで「国連防災世界会議(WCDR)」が開かれました。 Through its resolution A/RES/58/214, the United Nations General Assembly convened a World Conference on Disaster Reduction, to be held in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, from 18 to 22 January 2005.
1 Feb 2005 News briefs

UN conference on disaster reduction concludes; adopts plan of action for next ten years

22 Jan 2005 Press release

Nations call for safer hospitals and schools to prepare for disasters

21 Jan 2005 Press release

UN to coordinate Early Warning System for Indian Ocean

20 Jan 2005 Press release

Know risk or no risk? UN launches guide on disaster risk reduction

19 Jan 2005 Press release

Global Early Warning System launched at conference on disaster reduction

19 Jan 2005 Press release

World Conference on Disaster Reduction opens in Kobe

18 Jan 2005 Press release

Remembering Kobe: ten years later

17 Jan 2005 Press release
Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific.
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