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 Working Group:
Climate Change and
 Disaster Risk Reduction
Finished 2005
 Working Group:
Disaster Reduction
 in Africa
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 Working Group 3:
 Risk,  Vulnerability &
 Disaster  Impact
Finished 2003
 Working Group 1:
 Climate and Disasters
 Working Group 2:
 Early Warning
 Working Group 4:
 Wildland Fires; Wildland
 Fire Advisory Group
 (since 2004
Working Group 2
Reports to IATF/DR
8th meeting
5-6 November 2003
7th meeting
10-11 April 2003
6th meeting
24-25 October 2002
5th meeting
25-26 April 2002

4th meeting
15-16 november 2001

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Working Group 2 : Early Warning

Chair: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The overall purpose of Working Group 2 is to support the early warning activities of Inter-agency Task Force members, the UN/ISDR Secretariat and other relevant partners, with a view to facilitate a more coordinated approach to improving early warning; thereby, contributing to the overall implementation of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

Contributions to the following areas:

  • Create a body of knowledge on early warning, to support a continued dialogue and 'good' practices, particularly in developing countries;
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing coordination mechanisms among international agencies, together with, and between, individual national scientific and technical agencies responsible for early warning;
  • Facilitate the development of existing regional and national and local capabilities for early warning systems;
  • Disseminate information on the role of early warning in risk reduction, in particular for relevant international, regional, national and local actors;
  • Enhance the collaboration between the groups and the harmonisation of activities;
  • Share early warning experience among countries through information dissemination and networking.



Institution Name email
ADRC Mr . Satoru Nishikawa [email protected]
CDERA Mr. Jeremy Collymore [email protected]
Drought Monitoring Centre, Nairobi Prof. Laban Ogallo (Mr.) [email protected]
FAO Mr. Mwita Rukandema [email protected]
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam Prof. Dr. Jochen Zschau (Mr.) [email protected]
HABITAT Mr. Esteban Leon [email protected]
IRI Mr. Chester F. Ropelewski [email protected]
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Dr. Johann G. Goldammer [email protected]
SOPAC Mr. Craig Pratt [email protected]
UN/ISDR Mr. John Harding [email protected]
UNDP-BCPR Mr. Andew Maskrey [email protected]
UNEP Dr. Norberto Fernandez [email protected]
UNESCO Soren Malling [email protected]
WMO Mr. Evans A. Mukolwe [email protected]